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Art Director: Boris Vecchio

The Cultural Association “Sarabanda” was founded in 1996 in Genoa, Liguria. The association is mainly involved in Theatre, Street art and Contemporary Circus activities, in order to create and promote cultural happenings for public and private institutions. All these shows are performed in unique places such as theatres, capitals, urban areas (gardens, roofs, courtyards, etc.) and unusual places (buildings, halls, hotels, etc.).

Sarabanda takes care of the contemporary theatre culture in the Genoa area, with special regard to the circus art, with more and more engagement, approval and a deep research in national and international venues. One of Sarabanda main priorities is creating, organizing and promoting representative situations and events of a fast-evolving language-mixed contemporaneity.

Circus art is creating and evolving new projections, places and forms of communication, meant to influence the direct evolution of Culture itself, a constantly evolving Culture that might have lost its boundaries.
Sarabanda’s aim is to inspect and investigate in the best way possible the
limitless evolutions of any kind of show and its contaminations. Sarabanda is meant to be an open source of innovative suggestions, new forms of collaborations and a fruitful networking with similar organizations around the world.

There are three main projects created and realized by Sarabanda: the Circumnavigando International Festival of Circus Theatre founded in 2001 with the support of the Liguria Regional Administration and the Municipality of Genoa; Circus Zone; Circoscienza®, a project realized by the Genoa Science Festival.