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THE PANEL 2017/2018


December 29th, 2017 at 10.00 am.
Palazzo Ducale, Salone del Minor Consiglio (Genoa)

The Festival offers an interesting in-depth panel about the Contemporary Circus in Italy and in Europe.

Two important experiences and projects, in which the “Sarabanda” Cultural Association is directly involved as the only Italian partner and delegate. Two different projects which is worth talking about and introducing:

The Italian Contemporary Circus Association A.C.C.I. and the new European project CircusNext Platform.

Two opportunities of real growth and participation.

The co-founding partners of the A.C.C.I. association will be present at the panel.


The Sarabanda cultural association opens new boundaries in the Italian Contemporary Circus world and creates a new association together with other fellow companies!

After a recent encouraging openness of the Ministry of Arts to contemporary circus, through an official institutional decree in which music, theatre and dance acts are positively involved as well, we had a gap to fill. Who would have represented the Italian Contemporary Circus? For this reason, some of the workers in the field gathered to found the A.C.C.I Italian Contemporary Circus Association.

The Italian Association was founded by 14 different organizations: ARTINCIRCO Association, Chapitombolo Association, Circo e dintorni Association; C.L.A.P. Spettacolodalvivo Association; Dinamica Association; Giocolieri e Dintorni Association; IDEAGORA’ Association; Onarts Association; QuattroX4 Association; Sarabanda Association; Società Ginnastica di Torino Association; Teatro Necessario Association; Ultimo Punto Association; Cirko Vertigo Foundation.

A.C.C.I. supports and represents the supply, the promotion, the production, the training and the artistic locations of contemporary circus art and culture.

The Association aims to express and to show (throughout all local, national and international locations) the unique interest and identity of contemporary circus, by supporting and promoting events and activities aimed to give visibility to this particular art. Task of A.C.C.I. Association will be to research and to deal with the artistic, cultural and organizational resources of the field and to represent its own members with and before public and private Institutions by contributing to an artistic, technical and economic development of the members. Only through a respectful and positive dialogue and through an active collaboration between the supply, production, training and promotion sectors, this art discipline will be pushed, enhanced and promoted.


After an important european project closed just some month ago, the Sarabanda Association is in the news european and international adventure as one of the 12 platform members as the only Italian representative.

• identifying the new generation of contemporary circus creators according to criteria of excellence and singularity;
• fostering the creators’ and their shows’ mobility abroad, fostering their visibility and creating the conditions of existence of a confrontation of their work with audiences;
• raising awareness on the diversity of contemporary circus writings, counterstriking the abovementioned clichés.

A “CircusNext process” that from 2017 to 20121 will be repeated 2 times according to these fundamental steps: Open call and Local selection process; 1 selection step to identify the first group of pre-selected artists, who will be able to make residencies and public presentations at the partners; 2 final selection steps in Dommelhof (Neerplet, BE) in which the partners will make the final choice of the CircusNext graduates … with the closing of the process: presentations and public development throughout Europe and public presentations of all graduates in Paris.