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    20th Edition

    With the 7th President of the Republic Medal, the High Patronage of the European Parliament and the Patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation


    1 festival | 5 days | 8 companies

    Artistic Direction – Boris Vecchio
    Circumnavigando is an international contemporary circus, theater, physical performance festival

    This year, Circumnavigando will be as special as the name we chose, and just like every other event that is dealing with the very serious current health emergency, it will not mean it will be any less beautiful or important.
    We navigate “by sight” but << Our 20 years are here and the participating artists will be the witnesses of an important edition: live shows, live streaming, interviews, meetings, balconies and active “windows”, web radio…

    Circumnavigando…by sight! challenges with its new artistic schedule the moment of great difficulty that we are going through, inhabiting the cities and at the same time, using the on-line world, together with performers and their partners, a large and cohesive group that decided to experiment new adventures, getting involved in ad hoc productions, created mostly from Genoa.

    The subtitle of this year is equally explanatory: #ventimovimenti (#twentymovements). Big goals in one single word, containing an important root that celebrates our 20 festival years and recalls the link with 2020, but at the same time, hides the willingness to let itself go with the wind (venti = winds) and with the events. It also indicates the windrose, which gives us a direction open to many roads, bringing wind from far away and arrives in Genoa with Pindaric flights, transporting events that would not be experienced otherwise. The suffix that completes the word, MOVIMENTI (movements), which expresses shades capable of improving the concept of interdisciplinary connection, of dramaturgical news, professional, young, mixing the artistic line of a precise genre, contemporary circus, with dance and body performance. This is the rouge 2020 file with a series of shows that involve the audience, in an acrobatic way, in various ways, tailored on multiple targets, accessible because it travels on new and different communicative binaries.


    While respecting the important infection containment strategies and the health measures imposed by the government and the region, Sarabanda is working on maintaining a schedule that involves an important roster of individuals, first of all the artists who, together with the organization, worked on the creation of new and re-elaborated projects that will occur in the city, and on the creation of events and appointments such as shows, interviews, meetings, with the intent of inhabiting the city, avoid emptying the theaters and at the same time, hosting online events, fighting distance and bringing artists and their audience closer through the universal language of art.
    This is why even this year, there will be circus companies in Genoa. They will stay in our city and will come to our places and to our partners, and it’s an action that Sarabanda chooses to take with the willingness to give an important sign of our presence, and to keep a mission that desires culture not only at the center of our actions, but also and especially at the center of our ideal, real city.

    SO “LIVE or ON LINE”?

    Fun, thoughts, discover, and amazement. Both live and on-line formulas will be used through channels that are open to everyone, thanks to a show business that will not stop, not even in this difficult moment.
    A special partner will help us with this, the channel Goodmorning Genova, the Community Network created during the first lockdown with the intent not to leave anyone behind. With its one thousand platforms and its infinite ways, it will make it possible to watch every event in various ways.
    Do you like Facebook? Do you prefer YouTube? Do you only have Instagram? We will be here, both on Sarabanda social media profiles and on the Goodmorning Genova ones. Come visit us!

    This is a local work that, together with our partners, will make it possible to knock barriers and borders down. Follow us on our social media profiles and our website, we still need some more time, but don’t worry!


    SiRCUS Centro Arti Circo

    SiRCUS Centro Arti Circo




    Fool Immersion

    XIX Edition
    26/12/2019 >< 6/01/2020
    Preview at the Festival 8/12/2019


    Youtube Sarabanda Associazione

    PROGRAM 2019

    (attention this is not the complete program but only the part of paid shows that you can buy in advance)

    With the High Patronage of the European Parliament and the Patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Relations

    Circumnavigando Festival proceeds with its research and vision of the contemporary circus world, getting to its XIX edition. Strongly tied to its hometown and period of the year, thanks to the Festival, Christmas in Genoa will abound with shows, and from Saint Stefano to Epiphany Eve (26th December 2019 – 6th January 2020), with a preview at the Festival on Immaculate Conception Day  (8th December 2019), this edition will feature 17 international companies, with a total of 32 shows in a 13 days period.

    Contemporary circus will be the focus, in its multidisciplinary essence, through urban performance and theater, dance and comedy that will not fail to offer the audience – particularly in this edition – fun and laughter, between top quality performative sceneries. It is no coincidence that this year, the subtitle of the edition is “Fool Immersion”, a wide range of performances which will make room for the most diverse expression of different kinds of poetry and languages coming from various countries, in a real “immersion into foolishness”, where the term “foolishness” in its true meaning takes us away from judgment and, unable to adapt to daily normal living, it also makes us abandon rigid behavior and leads us into unexplored territories where we are free to live the experience that the Festival aims to provide.

    There will be a circus tent at Porto Antico, at the center of Area Mandraccio, accompanied by theater dates in collaboration with Teatro Nazionale di Genova and Teatro sociale Camogli, and shows at Palazzo Ducale, as well as in the squares of cities that will host free open-air shows for everyone.

    The countries that will be present will be – besides Italy, which holds an important place on the international scene – Germany, Catalonia / Spain, and France.

    There will be 7 NATIONAL PREMIERES in this edition, and thanks to Genoa, Italy will have the opportunity to enjoy a primacy made of innovations, previews and interesting facts about circus art, which are the product of extensive artistic research that Sarabanda aims to offer, pursuing it throughout the year, thanks to an Artistic Director that has always been attentive and directly involved with international tendencies, often with the goal of being a discoverer and becoming a proponent of a national openness that facilitates the spreading of shows and top quality companies, with attention to youth and new creations, and to companies with the highest professional profile which will be present in the next program.

    There will be a NEW YEAR’S show.  31st December will taste like fun thanks to circus mixed with emotion and charm. GALA Side Cirque & Guests will be staged, together with the My Laika / Side Kunst Cirque company and various artists that will get to Genoa for this event.

    As usual, the evening will feature the final countdown and a drink with panettone and pandoro being offered to everybody.

    The Critica e Visioni three-year project that started last year in collaboration with Sarabanda with its Circumnavigando Festival, and Teatro Akropolis with its festival Testimonianze Ricerca Azioni continues. During each event, two in-depth meetings open to the public will be held, one in November and one in December 2019.

    Discounts for Coop Liguria partners, for art exhibitions patrons at Palazzo Ducale, as well as Acquario di Genova and TouringClub Italia are confirmed.

    CIRCUMNAVIGANDO is supported by European Community / Project CircusNext Platform 2017/2020, Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali, Regione Liguria, Comune di Genova with Coop and Iren, Institut Ramon Llull, Compagnia di San Paolo, Porto Antico S.p.A., and Palazzo Ducale Fondazione per la Cultura as a very important technical sponsor. It cooperates with many local organizations, such as Teatro Nazionale di Genova, Teatro Sociale Camogli, Teatro Akropolis, Association Il Quadrifoglio, circus school SiRCUS Centro delle Arti del Circo.






    THE COMPANIES 2019/20

    The program begins with a preview at the Festival on the day of the Immaculate, December 8, 2019, with Gardi Hutter and a Clown show of international level entitled La Sarta. A female artist who for many years now has been present on the world scene, considered among the most important clown figures and a reference point for artists and actors from the traditional circus to the contemporary one.

    The Festival will then take place from 26 December 2019 to 6 January 2020 with a calendar of shows that will touch many locations in the city in a panorama of activities open to all and welcoming citizens, tourists and professionals. Theatres, historical buildings, tents and squares of Genoa will host a total of 17 companies: GARDI HUTTER – Swiss, CARPA DIEM – Italy, MY LAIKA/SIDE KUNST CIRQUE – Italy, COMETA CIRCUS – Italy/Peru, COMPAGNIA ZEC – Italy, MUMUSIC CIRCUS – Catalonia SP, JOEL MARTÍ Y PABLO MOLINA – Catalonia SP, BORON/CALABRÒ/MADIA – Italy, LES COLPORTEURS – France, MARATONIA OLIVER – Catalonia SP, LA MECANICA – Catalonia SP, FABRIZIO ROSSELLI – Italy, VAQUES – Catalonia SP, NANI ROSSI – Italy, MANICOMICS – Italy, CIRCO PACCO – Italy, FAMIGLIA TOGNI – Italy, JURIY LONGHI – Italy, DUOLINDA – Italy.


    GROW UP – The 17th Edition

    From December 26th, 2017 to January 7th, 2018
    Festival previews on December 7th-8th-9th-16th, 2017

    DOWNLOAD THE BOOKLET! Circumnavigando_Brochure2017_WEB

    As always, the 2017-2018 edition of the festival will exhibit incredible shows and interesting training opportunities.

    This year, Sarabanda Cultural Association is proud to announce 36 performances, 17 companies and 16 days of festival in 3 different locations in Liguria (Genoa, Camogli and Rapallo). A tightrope-walking workshop held by one of the best and most esteemed circus artists, Simone Benedetti from Circo Zoé company.

    A focus meeting on the new boundaries of Contemporary Circus in Italy: The new Italian Contemporary Circus Association “ACCI” and the new European project “Platform Members Circus Next”, whose Sarabanda is the only Italian partner and promoter of the new Call for participation for young Italian companies.

    Take a look under the big Circus Tent at the Old Port and on the Old Town’s main squares and alleys and get ready to see high-quality and exciting shows.
    From the youngest audience to the circus lovers hard to please, the festival has always been able to reach a very wide audience.

    Our collaborations with local theatres, cultural and tourist organizations of the city, as well as the numerous institutions involved in the planning, will be able to offer once again an exciting experience suitable for all audiences.
    Follow us and you’ll have more and more previews from now on.

    the 17th Edition has a very significant subtitle, GROW UP. A common thread following the entire programme, it reminds us of what the Festival has been doing all these years. It represents a growth for those younger companies that show here their works in progress.
    A growth for the audience who has been experiencing the circus lifestyle in a myriad of different locations year after year. A growth of cultural awareness through the selection of high-quality shows. A growth of awareness through different side activities and training opportunities.


    Full price ticket: 15 €
    Reduced price ticket: 12 € (“Amici della Sarabanda” Card 2017-2018; SocioCoop Liguria Card; Touring Club Italia Card; PROMO! Palazzo Ducale exhibition tickets; Aquarium of Genoa and Galata Sea Museum + Submarine tickets; Children: 8 € Children and kids from 4 to 14 years old.

    NEW YEAR’S EVE – Sunday, December 31st, 2017
    Single ticket: 35 €. Limited seats available, advance booking is recommended!

    1^ Area full-price ticket: 25 €, reduced-price ticket: 23 €;
    2^ Area full-price ticket: 18 €, reduced-price ticket: 15 € (Subscribers; SocioCoop Liguria members; F.A.I. members): Under 26 15 € single area: Under 12 12 € single area. >> On line!



    This year you can have a discount on Palazzo Ducale and Aquarium of Genoa entry tickets. If you have the entry ticket to the Aquarium or to one of the two exhibitions held at Palazzo Ducale you can have a discount on shows under the big Circus Tent (except for New Year’s Eve). Vice versa, if you have our Circus Tent show ticket, you can have a reduced-price ticket to the exhibitions held at Palazzo Ducale, a 3€ discount for the Aquarium or a 2€ discount for the Galata Sea Museum+Submarine.

    Moreover, if you show the entry ticket to Giardini Luzzati bar (Piazza Giardini Luzzati) you can have a discount (Socio card).

    >> During the two venues held in the Salone del Maggior Consiglio at Palazzo Ducale the audience will get the “Amici della Sarabanda card” for free, which enables you to get discounts during the festival, where applicable.


    10 p.m.
    Circus Tent at the Porto Antico (Mandraccio Area)

    >> For adults and children

    Circo Zoé company will perform “Waiting for Priscilla”.
    What New Year’s Eve would it be without the magic show under the big Circumnavigando Festival Circus Tent?
    The Genoa Porto Antico, the beautiful core of the city, will host a unique show for the craziest night of the year!

    The party will start at 10 p.m. with the show “WAITING FOR PRISCILLA” by the company “Circo Zoé”, an exciting mix of contemporary circus, music and dance acts. All the way to midnight, where the participants will get panettone and spumante! A special toast with the artists on stage will be just the cherry on top to make New Year’s Eve a unique party.

    A dynamic show for an extraordinary night!



    Pre-sales of fee-paying shows will be available from Monday, November 6th 2017, both Online and at IAT Tourist Information Offices of Genoa

    >> Online www.ciaotickets.com
    >> IAT Tourist Information Offices of Genoa (Via Garibaldi and Old Port)
    (every day from 9.00 to 18.00 excluding the 25/12/17 and 1/1/18)

    Finally, during the festival you’ll be able to buy single show tickets at the ticket office starting from one hour before the show.

    Ticket office +39 339 4203957

    (This is not the complete programme of the 2017 edition!)